Pairing beer and food and cooking with beer
I disagree...the slight molasses-like sweetness of the Hibernus would better suit fish & brewis. Vienna Sausage would be a great pairing with the Dutchy Originals Organic Old Ruby Ale I just purchased at the Amherst NS Liquor Store, which incidentally went nicely with the tin of sardines in mustard sauce and granny smith apple I had for supper:)

High living on the 2013 Maritime Landfill Tour.
I figured you were joking, but in reality a good beer can make the meal. I actually did have the Old Ruby with a tin of sardines and tonight I am in Truro organizing site notes with a Chimay and a grocery store salad and feel like a Queen:)
When I get back from Florida, I'm pack in up the jeep, and heading to Halifax, beer trip. Premier beer shop and lots of money for wine and beer. Sucks we are not allowed to have one of these stores here!
In the middle of packing my suitcase from a trip to Premium myself this afternoon, as alas I am flying back to NL, but planning a trip this summer to tour craft breweries of the Maritimes as well as fill my Jeep full of beer! This trip I discovered a few new craft breweries I wasn't aware existed and didn't get to, mostly because they aren't located near any landfills:)
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Over 200 lambics in mine :mrgreen:

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