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Avenue Pud

If your ever in New Orleans I definitely recommend this one. Is located in downtown NO in the garden district, not too far from bourbon street. If you want to taste some good beer instead of just getting smashed out of your mind like everyone at bourbon I would highly recommend. Have 45+ taps. There's an upstairs and a down, and definitely has that old Louisianan feel. They also carry over 100 or so of different kinds of bottle beers, including some hard to come by international beers out of Belgium and so forth ( they had a De Dolle Stille Nacht Reserva 2010, if you don't mind dropping $45 for 750ml). Food is good as well. Well worth the visit if you wanted to do something other than Bourbon Street.
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I know a place that has a pretty sizeable vertical of Stille Nacht's, I've had quite a few as I recall. :D
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