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A bunch of that Boxing Rock was us as well as the Bruery. I put a couple of the Saule’s down. Really bummed Brew Vault has been abandoned by the developers, now I need to go through my whole cellar and find a new app. Guessing I’m getting close to 900 bottles it’sgoing To take awhile. Damn!
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While no one was paying attention (well, I wasn't paying attention) they have restocked the Collective Arts stock including

Prophets & Nomads Gose
Stranger than Fiction Porter
State of Mind Session IPA
Saint of Circumstance Blonde
Rhyme & reason Extra Pale Ale
plus you can always get
Ransack the Universe IPA which is excellent
and a stray Sour Harvest Saison, but why would you?

And for some reason, Labatt 50 in 12-pack bottles and 8-pack cans. Who's sitting around thinking "You know what I miss? Labatt 50."

Your best bet this time of year? Buy a four pack of Peche Mortel and drink one. Maybe two.
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New listings at the NLC.

While no one was paying attention (well, I wasn't […]

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