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As you may have noticed, is now redirecting to, Mike's mug is no longer adorning the logo and the forum looks a little different. As alluded to in Tom's January 13, 2015 Club Status Report ( ... ry-13-2015), the official name of the beer club was formally announced as the NL Artisanal & Craft Beer Club so, to avoid confusion, we registered and will redirect for at least the next few weeks. We have also registered new social media accounts on Twitter ( and Facebook ( so please Follow / Like us to continue receiving formal beer club updates.

Unrelated to the above, we have also updated the phpBB forum software to the latest version and installed a new theme. Everyone's forum accounts and posts were moved over and should work the same as before. It may take a few days to work out some of the forum functionality kinks so your patience is appreciated. If you are still experiencing issues on Monday, please PM me.
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The new format looks great and the useability is good. Thank you for your hard work.
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