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nbnewf wrote:
beerthief wrote:Oh yes, you can brine me with beer :ugeek:
Beerthief...??'brine' you with beer? I am the first to think that you, my friend are already well brined in beer!!!!
I saw my typo but I figured it was fitting :lol:
Still working on t-shirts. At this moment they will probably represent what you see at
groulxsome wrote:Just FYI folks, the beer list is out now...


Be warned: nothing fantastic!
'Ain't that the truth. Having seen the list I'm glad I decided not to go. Frankly any beer festival that lists "hard lemonade" or other such alcopops on it's beer list has already jumped the shark!

As a social event I'm sure it'll be fun but I can spend my $$ more wisely elsewhere. Just my 2 cents.
They are trying, I think they're making a step in the right direction and it's good for us to support them. The club helped influence this one and it will have a lot more influence on the next one. We all need to try to be patient ad the NLC evolves; I have already seen a lot of change in attitude and ideas in the last year alone. Keep the faith. :mrgreen:
New listings at the NLC.

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Over 200 lambics in mine :mrgreen:

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