Discuss non-NLACBC beer events (dinners, festivals, tours)...
If you're ever looking for a festival to try new beers or just want a wicked vacation, I highly recommend Great American Beer Festival (GABF - Held annually in Denver, CO, in early October, it's a huge (America's largest ticketed beer festival) beer sampling festival with hundreds of brewers and thousands of beers, mostly craft breweries. It is also a competition where beers are awarded gold, silver and bronze in their respective category. I've been twice, once as part of a bachelor party which was an utter but wonderful mess, and I'd go every year if I could. Some of the best beer I've ever had came from samples at the festival. This year tickets go on sale at the end of July and if you're interested in going, I'd get tickets as soon as they go on sale as it's getting increasingly popular and it sells out pretty fast.
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I'm also thinking of trying to get to the Modeste festival in Antwerp for. First week of October
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There are a few other fests I'd rather go to than Brit ones right now.
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