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 Mark Shallow
Lets post our top ten picks for the EXPO. That way we'll know where the line ups will be. :) Which ones are you most excited to try?

Here's mine

1) Nickel Brook Headstock IPA
2) Unibroue Don de Dieu
3) Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA
4) Fuller's London Porter
5) Yellow Belly Hodgepodge Ale
6) Mill Street Cobblestone Stout
7) Konig Ludwig Weissbier
8) Mill Street Summer Sampler
9) Unibroue Blonde de Chambly
10) PEI Brewing Company Sampler
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At first look:
1 - London Porter - Porter
2 - Sam Adams Latitudee 48 IPA
3 - Don de Dieu
4 - Blonde de Chamble
5 - YB Hodgepodge Ale
6 - Hockley 100
7 - Mill St. Cobblestone - Stout
8 - PEI Gahan Sampler - Mix
9 - PEi Beach Chair - Lager
10 - Sleeman Porter

PEI Mix is a bit of a cheat I guess but if the brochure is going to list it as one than so will I.
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