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I am instantly going to the HoPfenstark booth. Compared to the price I'd have to pay in Toronto for their saisons, anything is a deal. Same with Trou du Diable, despite the fact that I'll be looking to pick up a few bottles when I'm in Montreal.

Anyone have an inside line on the Brazilian craft movement? Are they better at hops? Belgian-inspired? Anything I ought not miss?
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I tried a bunch of Brazilian ones, you'll have to wait until I have time to look at the list again and see what I know. I brought a bunch (20) home but I haven't dipped into them yet.

I got the offer to volunteer at Mondiale, I need to reply tonight or tomorrow, the start date meeting might not work out for me?
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Wow, lots from South America. I went to the Berlina brewpub in '06 in Bariloche, obviously he's expanded a lot since I was there. This is oging to be an interesting week for sure that will take a little planning as to what to get to first.

The Colorado for sure is one to hit early for Brazil, they do some great beers.
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