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Subject line says it all - I've got a few blindingly fresh (<3 weeks) Russian River Pliny the Elder, and there's no way I'm getting through them before they go stale. Shorlin and I talked briefly about the possibility of organizing a tasting but I doubt I'll be able to do it this week, and the next time I'd have after that will be something like 7 or 8 weeks from now. The idea of letting these just go stale makes me sad - I'd rather they were properly appreciated. We'll call it an offer to trade, but if you've got nothing interesting on hand right now, that's fine - just bear me in mind next time you do.
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By da jeebus! Wish I were in 'town' I'd take you up on that. Out on the left coast unfortunately. :cry:
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I might be able to catch up with you Friday am
Would love to try this!
Unfortunately I do not really have anything interesting to trade, however I do have three separate styles of home brew that will be ready to drink in a week or two if your interested in trading for a few bottles of those.
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Of course they are!
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