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I'm looking to "re-home" a small beer cellar collection, as I am moving to BC on tuesday and don't have the room to bring beer.

Here is a tentative list :

Ballast Point Victory at Sea x1
Deus brut de flandres x1
New belgium la folie lips of faith 2016 x1
Leifman's goudenband (not sure year, maybe 2013 ? ) x1
Oud Beersel kriek 2015 x3
Duchess de bourgogne x1
central city Thor's Hammer 2014 x1
LTM Porter Baltique 2014 x1
Orval 2015 x1
Dupont Avec Les Bons voeux x1
Garrison Imperial chocolate stout (NL Beer club edition) x1
Yellowbelly 2015 Mummers Brew x2
DDC solstice d'hiver x3
Charlevoix Vache Folle Imperial Milk Stout x 3
Howe sound pothole filler x1
Port Rexton Ten eighty x2

Not looking to split anything up, all of it sticks together :)

PM For details if you're interested.
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