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I might have a Lawson's... :lol:
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I have a Cantillon Rose de gambrinus that i'm willing to part with if anybody has an enticing beer offer, open to any and all styles.
Bottled may 2014, brought it back myself from the Cantillon brewery in brussels :P
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is it a 750 or a 330?
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My bad, I knew I meant to say 375. I already have one a few years old, was dreaming of a 750.
Hi all,

I have 3, 750ml Orkney Brewery Dark Island Reserve, and 2, 750ml Les Trois Mousquetaires Weizenbock to trade. I'm looking for some Vache Folle Milk Stout, or perhaps some other stout not currently on the shelves here.

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We made apple butter with apples from my trees and used 2 bottles on TM Weizenbock in it. Yum!
I don't think I've ever had apple butter.... Trade ya?!

I might try making that myself if I still have the Weizenbock.
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I have a bottle of Bellwoods Gotham (Black Imperial IPA) and Bellwoods Jelly King (dry hopped Sour) for trade together. Picked up from the brewery in Toronto this past weekend.
Would consider a small selection of interesting beers I haven't yet tried (or maybe some I have). Open to any and all styles, feel free to offer or send a list of options :)

Both beers are delightful
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I Might be able to track down a jar of apple butter.
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